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Special opportunity for Saipan Tour

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Most Popular Saipan Tour

for ICMSET 2019 Participants



Managaha Island + Parasailing + Sunset Cruise




Managaha Island, a Saipan treasure, is a water sports paradise.

Known as the best place in Saipan, this place offers an ecstasy look and a wide range of tropical fish. Also, it is a heaven of water leisure for various activities such as banana boat, parasailing, beach volleyball, sunbathing.

Also, Managaha Island is a small uninhabited island that takes about 15 minutes to walk around the island.

Saipan is always beautiful, but is considered the most beautiful place at sunset.
The best way to feel the beautiful atmosphere of beautiful beache and sunset is to experience the Sunset Cruise.

With the enchanting sunset, you can enjoy the exciting live show with Jerry, the greatest star of Saipan and dinner served with steaks and beers together.

* Special Offer

This tour will take place on Sunday morning, March 17,

after the ICMSET 2019 conference.

The original cost is about $150 but if you are an ICMSET 2019 participant,

you can apply by the end of February and get a special discount of about $100.

(The remaining $50 will be paid by ICMSET 2019.)